Our People

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Athena Mann
Board Chair

Michael Stewart
Vice Chair
Director of External Affairs
Jacksonville Airport Authority

Chris Greene
Board Secretary
Purcell, Flanagan,
Hay & Greene, P.A.

Tracy Arthur
Board Treasurer
Associate General Counsel

Jay Plotkin
Immediate Past Chair
The Wilner Firm, P.A.

Bobby Martin
Board Fund Development Chair
Retired General Manager/Consultant
Florida Times-Union

Steve Gilbert
Chief Executive Officer

Martha Barrett
Vice President,
Market Development
Bank of America

Greg Beliles
Correspondent & Rural Housing Executive
JP Morgan Chase
Hon. Alvin Brown
City of Jacksonville

Hon. Corrine Brown
U.S. House of Representatives

Hon. Betty Burney
Founder/Executive Director
"I'm a STAR" Foundation

Hon. Eleni Derke
Duval County Court Judge

Nancy Dreicer
Chappell Schools

Linda Edwards
Duval County Public Schools

Diana Haramboure
Vice President,
Strategy & Business Relations
First Coast Service Options

Ginny Hoce
Director, Financial Reporting
Interline Brands, Inc.

Todd Johnson
Chief Legal Officer
Acosta Sales and Marketing

Sonny Martin
Certified Public Accountant
GunnChamberlain, PL

Tracey Martinez
Regional Sales Manager

Gloriden Norris
Duval County Public Schools

Dr. Judy Poppell
Duval County Public Schools

Dr. Ed Pratt-Dannals
Senior Advisor
District Management Council

Rusty Russell
Vice President, Internal Audits & Compliance

Hon. John Rutherford
City of Jacksonville

Ken Sanders
Vice President, Distribution & Wholesale Customer Service for North America/Europe

Rick Schart
Sr. VP-Supply Chain & eCommerce
Stein Mart

David Thomas, Jr.
Director/General Manager of Ship Repair at Mayport
BAE Systems Products Group

Hon. Stephen Wise
Florida Legislature

Josh Woolsey
Rogers Towers

Dr. Nikolai Vitti
Duval County Public Schools

Senior Leadership Team

Steve Gilbert
Chief Executive Officer
Leon Baxton
Chief Operating Officer
John Stagliano
Chief Financial Officer
Bill Hodges
Director, Student Enrichment/Mentoring Division
Eric Johnson
Director, After School Division
Carolyn Lynn
Director, Literacy Division
Erin Ocobock
Director, Resource Development

Community Partners

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DuBow Family Foundation

Rice Family FoundationLucy Gooding



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Florida Times Union Jacksonville SymphonyThe Players


Norfolk Southern



Elementary Schools

Biltmore Elementary
(904) 693-7569
Nana Yaa Nimo/Freddie Israel/Stephanie Yates/Jasmine Holmes,Duval Reads
Carter G. Woodson Elementary
(904) 924-3004
Quinn Robertson, TEAM UP
Darletha LeSesne/Linda Campbell, Duval Reads
Garden City Elementary
(904) 924-3130
Nancy Burnett/Shandrell Thomas,Duval Reads
Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary
(904) 720-1640
Latasha Smith-Brown/Janet Withers/Jodi Lebron/Shannon Major,Duval Reads
John E. Ford K-8
(904) 630-6540
Alicia Peterson, Student Enrichment
Lake Forest Elementary
(904) 924-3024
Marla Jackson, Student Enrichment
Temeka Thomas, TEAM UP
Shanta Ferguson/Charlotte Johnson/Mattie Robinson,Duval Reads
Long Branch Elementary
(904) 630-6620
Issac Kennedy, TEAM UP
Love Grove Elementary
(904) 720-1645
Louis Menendez/Ebony Hurley/Micky McCown,Duval Reads
Pickett Elementary
(904) 630-6620
Christina Murphy, TEAM UP
Pinedale Elementary
(904) 381-7490
Wade Johnson,TEAM UP
Reynolds Lane Elementary
(904) 381-3960
Shelia McNair, TEAM UP
Dominieq Ranson/DaSean Orduna,Duval Reads
Sadie T. Tillis Elementary
(904) 573-1090
Samuel A. Hull Elementary
(904) 924-3136
Bryan Jones, TEAM UP
Greta Gordon/Evonie Masline/Helen Garrison,Duval Reads
Sallye B. Mathis Elementary
(904) 924-3086
Zena Pearson, TEAM UP
Anita Bell/Aisha Faust,Duval Reads
Woodland Acres Elementary
(904) 720-1663
Gwen Collins, TEAM UP

Middle Schools

Arlington Middle
(904) 720-1680
Jenn Griner, Student Enrichment
Brian Tate, Achievers For Life
Joanna Bissette, Bridge To Success
Eugene Butler Middle
(904) 630-6900
Shannon Ingram, Achievers For Life

Fort Caroline Middle
(904) 745-4927
Nick Dzoba, Achievers For Life
Tony Wilson, TEAM UP
Highlands Middle
(904) 696-8771
Allen Fennell, TEAM UP
Chanita Glover, Achievers For Life
J.E.B. Stuart Middle
(904) 573-1000
Pam Kicklighter, Achievers For Life
Vincent Robinson, TEAM UP
Chasitee Roberts/Lasheena Steward,Duval Reads
Jefferson Davis Middle
(904) 573-1060
Yolanda Blackshear, Achievers For Life
Achievers For Life
Jude LeConte, TEAM UP
Ebony Wallace/Corey Carson, Duval Reads
Lake Shore Middle
(904) 381-7440
Stevie Watts, TEAM UP
Mathew Gilbert Middle
(904) 630-6700
Yolanda McLendon, Achievers For Life
Joshua Hardy, Bridge To Success
Brandon Turman, TEAM UP
Darletha LeSesneDuval Reads
Mayport Middle
(904) 247-5977
Desmond Demps, TEAM UP
Lanita Gadson/Marjani Addison/Tiffany Fason, Duval Reads
Northwestern Middle
(904) 924-3100
Lakisha Josey, Achievers For Life
Jasmine McSwain, Bridge To Success
Ayanna Nelson, TEAM UP
Shandrell Thomas, Duval Reads
Jean Ribault Middle
(904) 924-3062
Valarie Harris, Achievers For Life
Tiffany Watson,Duval Reads
Joseph Stillwell Middle
(904) 693-7523
Tressie Wimberly, Achievers For Life
Denard Turner, TEAM UP
Kurteria Moore/Jeffery Feldman,Duval Reads
James Weldon Johnson Academic & Career Training Center
(904) 630-6640
Dr. Kris Larsen, Student Enrichment
Jason Goodwin, Bridge To Success
Kenyetta Jackson, Community-Based After School Program
Brianna Gainer/Tongela Kelly, Duval Reads

High Schools

Andrew Jackson High
(904) 630-6950
Twilla Washington, Student Enrichment Program
Darrin Williams, Bridge To Success
A. Phillip Randolph Academies of Technology
(904) 924-3011
Ingrid Thomas, Student Enichment
Teneshia Durham, Bridge To Success
Courtney Fuller, Duval Reads
Westside High
(904) 573-1170
Renata Hannans, Bridge to Success
Latasha Smith-Brown, Duval Reads
Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology
(904) 573-1150
MaryAnn Foster, Student Enrichment
Jean Ribault High
(904) 573-1150
Michelle Cunningham, Student Enrichment
Vontrell Randall, Bridge To Success
Terry Parker High
(904) 720-1650
Dane Gilbert, Student Enrichment
Ed White High
(904) 693-7620
Harvey Kelley, Student Enrichment
Sephora Bruner, Bridge To Success
Corey Carson, Duval Reads
William Raines High
(904) 924-3049
Bridge To Success
Jackie Brown, Student Enrichment Program
Jerel Williams, Duval Reads
Samuel W. Wolfson High
(904) 739-5265
Stacey Brown, Bridge To Success
Claudia Waldo, Duval Reads