Around the World in 30 Minutes, Dining at Pickett Elementary

Campers show off their plates filled with worldly treats

The campers at Pickett Elementary’s TEAM UP summer camp have been studying different countries around the world this summer. On Wednesday, July 25th, 171 campers sampled cuisine from six countries: Japan, France, USA, Mexico, Italy, and Kenya.  Down the line, large eyed students were excited to try the assortment of tasty treats.

Entering the cafeteria decorated with flags and ribbons, each student was given a mock passport and allowed to visit each country as they went around the world.  First visit was to Japan where they had the chance to try sushi with shrimp sauce.  Next they were on to France, enjoying chocolate covered éclairs.  Then they stopped at the United States for BBQ, Italy for pasta, Mexico for enchiladas and finally to Kenya for samosas, a fried pastry filled with meat and a tangy sauce.

With all of this great food to try , the big question is which was their favorite?

Second graders, Tyina and Isaac were excited about trying the sushi, while Victoria and the majority of the children enjoyed the samosas from Kenya the most.  In a random poll, the samosas ran away with the majority beating three of the other four foods combined.

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