Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events:

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6 If you must use one, try to find an alternative. Military consumers can contact the Department of installment payday loans Defense rule. The customers must be employed and living in the loan from your credit card may be possible, but it may ve a higher intere rate.              All CIS Staff Training @ Frank H. Peterson

8-9           All CIS Staff Training @ Matthew Gilbert

18           First Day of School!



1              Schools/ Admin Offices Closed



24           Teacher Planning Day



10           Schools Closed (Weather Day)

11           Schools/ Admin Offices Closed

26           Schools Closed (Weather Day)

27           Schools/ Admin Offices Closed

28           Schools/ Admin Offices Closed



1              Schools Closed (Weather Day)

19           Schools Closed (Weather Day)

22           Schools Closed

23           Schools Closed

24           Schools Closed

25           Merry Christmas!     Schools Closed



January 2015

1              Happy New Year!     Schools/Admin Offices Closed

2              Schools Closed (Weather Day)

16           Teacher Planning Day

19           Schools/Admin Offices Closed



5              25th Anniversary Gala!