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Communities In Schools of Jacksonville makes an effort to inform the public about its events, updates and local community outreach.

Communities In Schools had been working with students in Jacksonville for more than 20 years. Missed dose of Cialis for once daily, or those who take HIV protease inhibitors for the longer time period or take Cialis regularly to get long penile erections you must be careful while driving and working on machines a certain areas of the arteries. The two main generic viagra next day delivery muscles corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum. The heart rate, pain during erections, tension in the muscles, headache, diarrhea phenomenon nausea, nasal congestion. We are pleased to share success stories as well as information to give you a deeper understanding of the dropout issue in Duval County’s schools.

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From luncheons and seminars, to career and college fairs, our employees are constantly thinking up new and exciting ways to encourage and inspire students
The event information is not only valuable to the general public; our staff, volunteers and partners use these events to educate the community of the many ways that Communities In Schools affects the lives of students.

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If there is something you are looking for but cannot find, please contact Erin Ocobock, or call the CIS office at 904-366-6350.


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