Student Enrichment

Creating a Community of Support

The Student Enrichment Program (SEP) is the original program that Communities In Schools began in Jacksonville schools more than 24 years ago. With activities that lie at the heart of the CIS philosophy, SEP places full and part-time Site Coordinators on school campuses throughout Duval County. Site Coordinators work with principals, teachers and guidance counselors to stabilize students who are at risk of falling behind or dropping out of school.

Major funding for SEP sites comes from grants provided by The DuBow Family Foundation, Duval County Public Schools, and The Jim Moran Foundation.

Site Coordinators are embedded in 15 public schools including two elementary schools, four middle schools, nine high schools. A Site Coordinator works individually with 90 to 100 students. These students are counseled individually and in group sessions throughout the year enabling them to realize their goals and providing students with the life skills they need to reach their goals. Home visits and parental involvement are essential parts of the program, and Site Coordinators also connect students to needed community resources.

While Site Coordinators work individually with select students from the school’s student body, hundreds of others are reached through school-wide services such as career fairs, men’s and ladies’ seminars and literacy programs.

SEP also comprises of a specialized program that utilizes Site Coordinators to assist students and youth in Duval County schools:

Bridge to Success: Funded by DCPS, the Bridge to Success Program provides Site Coordinators who work with students currently over-age for their grade level.  Site Coordinators address all barriers to graduation and provide individuals with the support to help them graduate on time and ready to fulfill their college and career goals.

Quick Facts

During the 2013-14 school year, SEP Site Coordiantors provide direct services to 2,425 students in Duval County schools.

In the 2012-13 school year, 94 percent of students in the SEP program were promoted to the next grade level.

SEP was highlighted in The Florida Times-Union series on public education called “City of Hope” and was identified as one of “Ten Reason to Hope: Who’s Helping and What Could Work.”


Q: How many years has the Student Enrichment Program been in Duval County schools?
A: The SEP program has been serving students and their families for more than 24 years.

Q: How many students has the SEP program serviced?
A: During the past ten years, our SEP student advocates have worked with more 15,000 students in Duval County schools.

Q: How can a student become a part of the Student Enrichment Program?
A: Students are most often referred to Site Coordinators by teachers, faculty, guidance counselors and administrative staff at the school they attend.

Q: How can my child become a part of this program?
A: If you feel your child could benefit from becoming a part of the Student Enrichment Program, feel free to contact your school’s administration or contact Communities In Schools’ offices.