Staff Blog-Lauren Cowman, SEP Site Coordinator at Fort Caroline Middle School

Co'Relous Bryant commands the attention of the students

Last Thursday afternoon, Co’Relous Bryant, a former Communities In Schools student and current staff member, presented an end of the year public speaking workshop for the CIS boys at Ft. Caroline Middle School called “The Power of Words.” These boys were the most engaged I have seen them ALL YEAR in learning something new outside of small groups. Boys who rarely get a chance to speak up were given the opportunity and everyone was rewarded for their participation in the end.

Students write their own short speech that they will present in front of the group

It was a moment I rarely get to experience and to see their excitement in a learning environment (although cake and treats were involved!) was incredibly rewarding. They gained a valuable beginning step of a skill needed to launch them forward in their lives. The young males were given the opportunity to hold their heads high that day.

Instead of being barked at because of fear for what their lives could be if they don’t shape up, only positive dreams of a great future were uplifted! The students loved it and felt important. The adults that dropped in were very impressed to see the students so involved and later told me how great the workshop went!

Fort Caroline's students with Co'Relous Bryant and Lauren Cowman

Co’Relous is a gem and I’m glad he was able to give back to CIS, the same program that put him on the right track 10 years ago.  Communities In Schools continues to bring on people that make a difference in the lives of children. Thank you to all who support this work every day.


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