Students Celebrate the End of the Year with “Old School Game Day”

Students a part of the Achievers for Life program at Jefferson Davis Middle School gathered together last Wednesday in the school’s cafeteria to partake in their end of the school year celebration.  The celebration was themed “Old School Game Day” and the students walked in with excitement on their faces when they saw what was laid out on all the tables.

Students enjoy a classic card game

Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect Four, and Uno were just a few of the options presented before them.  A photo wall was set up with a red curtain background and crazy props, such as feather boas and large sunglasses, so students could get their picture taken with their friends.  “We want to show the students how much we had before computer games,” explained Yolanda Blackshear, 6th grade student advocate.

The DJ announced a game of musical chairs, which at first didn’t seem “cool” enough that students were jumping out of their seats to participate in.  But after the first round played through and seeing all the fun that took place, a line formed of students from all grades to get their turn.

Tangeria Mayhew, Student Advocate at Davis, poses with her students in the photo spot

If the games and activities weren’t enough, a long line formed to grab plates of chicken wings, baked beans, salad and fruit punch.  This was a delicious treat for both the students and the supporting adults who attended.

This celebration was not only about food and games as Yolanda along with Tangeria Mayhew, 7th and 8thgrade student advocate, took the time to recognize students and present them with awards for Perfect Attendance, Best GPA, and Overall Excellence.

Students show off their Perfect Attendance Awards

Mentors who were matched with a student at Jefferson Davis were also recognized for their support and involvement throughout the year.

By time the bell rang for students to go home, they had eaten, played games, taken pictures, received awards, and enjoyed the company of their classmates and mentors.  This was a perfect way to celebrate the end of a successful school year.

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