The TEAM UP Spring Concert

A packed audience filled up the Matthew Gilbert auditorium on Tuesday night to listen to the Jump Start Strings elementary students play music that mimicked classical composers.  Jump Start Strings is an opportunity provided through Communities In Schools’ TEAM UP after school enrichment program which offers students a chance to learn and advance in playing select string instruments under instruction by members of The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (J SYM). 

The program was started with grants from The Jim Moran Foundation and the Jacksonville Children’s Commission and is currently funded by the Jacksonville Children’s Commission and  J SYM.  It’s a musical education program led by Peggy Toussant and string members of the J SYM. 

The Spring Concert included performances by S.A. Hull, Pickett, Pinedale, Reynolds Lane and Woodland Acres Elementary. This event was made possible with the assistance of the J SYM.

The show began with a collaborated musical piece by the instructors of each school, a faculty quintet playing “Scherzo”.  Each school then performed independently leading into a harmonized finale that deserved nothing less than the standing ovation that resulted.

“Yes!” the students exclaimed when Reynolds Lane instructor, Andrew Bruck said that “one day they (the students) will take my job”.

Listen and see for yourself the great performance the students put on!

S.A. Hull (Violins): “Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down”

Pickett (Violins): “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Pinedale & Reynolds Lane (Violin & Cello): “Suzuki Allegro”

Woodland Acres (Basses): “Old MacDonald”

Woodland Acres (Violin): “See Saw Song”

Grand Finale: “Ode to Joy”

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